Executive Network

Our partnerships with talented, industry-focused executives have formed the core of our success over time.

A Critical Component of Our Success

Over our history, our investment professionals have developed an extensive network of talented, industry-focused executives with whom we work in a number of different capacities. This network has proven to be a critical component of our success and a significant competitive advantage as we look to deliver value to existing and future portfolio companies. We are constantly looking to identify and partner with influential industry executives, experienced managers, and emerging entrepreneurs within our target sectors.

Flexible Approach to Executive Partnerships

We offer a variety of ways for talented managers and industry executives to partner with our team, ranging from consulting/advisory arrangements to a more formalized manager-led Search Company structure. We are flexible and creative in designing ways to collaborate with motivated executives, and we recognize that there is no single one-size-fits-all solution to executive partnerships. Whatever the form of the relationship, we can offer the opportunity for proven executives to be rewarded for helping us build great businesses and drive equity value.

The following are some of the ways we often work with executives

Executive Network

We maintain an extensive network of executives, some of whom have worked with us multiple times, but many of whom are new relationships formed over a mutual interest in a certain sector, theme or business. Whether helping us with diligence prior to investment or post-investment value creation, these relationships are often crucial to our investment strategy. These individuals often become ongoing advisors/consultants, portfolio company executive managers, and/or Board Members and typically share in the value creation they help support at each business. Additionally, Pamlico maintains an Advisory Board of experienced executives who help us identify, advise on, and execute value creation initiatives for our portfolio companies across our areas of focus. We continually seek talented managers to partner with in this capacity.

Search Companies

In some cases, Pamlico will partner with a proven executive or management team to target a specific theme prior to investing in an initial platform. We call these situations “Search Companies,” and will typically look to seed a new company and offer managers a compelling financial and career opportunity as they help us buy and/or build a unique new business. Search Company executives often become the ongoing leadership team for the new business, but can also participate at a Board or advisory level in certain situations. Search Company strategies typically target fragmented and dynamic growth sectors where active management can create substantial value.


Norbert Orth

After an extensive period vetting potential partners we chose Pamlico and they have lived up to every one of our expectations. We wanted a partner who would not only buy into but also provide resources for our organic growth strategy, a partner who would be a resource for us as we looked at our first acquisitions, and most importantly, we wanted a partner who bought into SEI’s unique Vision and culture as a way of growing our employees and our business. SEI employees work hard, have fun and get great results and we see those same principles playing out in our board meetings. Pamlico has been the right fit for SEI and we’re excited to have them as a partner!

Ron Alvesteffer, CEO

Norbert Orth

Selling the company that you created and poured every ounce of your energy into is perhaps the most difficult, exciting, and emotional experience that a founder can have. Pamlico impressed me through every step of the process. They took the time to truly understand our philosophy, business, and values. Along this journey I have found Pamlico to be head and shoulders above the rest. Their investment and counsel is helping me to write the next chapter of our corporate history as we move from a company of success to one of significance. Pamlico shares my values and it was ultimately an easy decision to entrust them with my company.

Malbert Smith, CEO, President & Co-Founder

Norbert Orth

We were excited to choose Pamlico as our growth equity partner. The Pamlico team’s knowledge of the Healthcare Information Technology space, the cultural fit and their pragmatic operating model made them stand out from the pack. The team has been a significant asset in helping us hone our strategy and assisting us in consummating significant strategic acquisitions. These actions have fueled growth beyond our expectations. We look forward to continuing our rapid growth with Pamlico as our partner.

Rick Pleczko, President & CEO

Norbert Orth

Pamlico differentiated themselves through their extensive knowledge of the construction software market and their collaborative approach to understanding and accelerating Dexter + Chaney’s growth initiatives.  Pamlico will provide capital and guidance to support investments in our product, broaden our marketing reach, and explore strategic acquisition opportunities, and we are thrilled to have them as a partner.

Norbert Orth, President
Dexter + Chaney

David Gray

I developed a strong relationship with Pamlico over 18 months, from our initial introduction in 2012 to Pamlico’s investment in Daxko in February 2014.  They have consistently been a confident sounding board and supportive partner to us as we pursue both organic growth initiatives within our core YMCA / JCC markets, as well as market-expanding acquisitions.  We are grateful for the leverage that Pamlico has provided to Daxko in each of these initiatives, and we are excited about the opportunities available to us through our partnership with them.

David Gray, President and CEO

Carey Boethel

When I was looking to leave Siemens to do something more entrepreneurial, it was important for me to find a knowledgeable partner that could truly help me build a lasting business. Pamlico’s knowledge of the security industry and extensive experience supporting management teams in similar search company strategies made them the logical choice. With their help and support, we are executing a targeted build-up of a select group of progressive systems integrators focused on managed security services and creating a unique industry player.

Carey Boethel, President & CEO
Securadyne Systems, LLC

Jim Gleason

I have had the pleasure to partner with Pamlico in building two cable companies over the past 12 years. When we first started working together in 2003, Pamlico already had a strong track record of investing in the cable business and was an invaluable partner in providing capital and expertise to help our team build NewWave Communications both organically and through several acquisitions. After successfully exiting NewWave in 2013, I was eager to continue a partnership with Pamlico and we formed a search company to pursue rural broadband investment opportunities together. Pamlico’s experience and guidance was critical in our ultimate carve-out of the Vast Broadband systems in 2014.

Jim Gleason, CEO
Vast Broadband

Mike Jennings

I first met Pamlico through their research in the hosted application management space, and together we refined an investment thesis and formed a search company to target the sector. Through our partnership, we identified and acquired Secure-24, a founder-owned business in need of growth capital. Pamlico continues to be an invaluable partner as we build the Company into an industry leader.

Mike Jennings, CEO

Rob Shanahan

Pamlico was instrumental in hiring me as the new CEO at Lightower and they have been a great partner in helping me build out the management team. They know the broadband infrastructure industry really well, which makes them valuable as we plan our network expansion and execute acquisitions.

Rob Shanahan, President & CEO
Light Tower Holdings, LLC

Norbert Orth

We chose to partner with Pamlico because of its track record of accelerating portfolio companies’ growth and extensive healthcare investing experience. PE is poised to continue its growth by opening and acquiring new ASCs nationwide and by expanding product offerings with gastroenterologists across the country.  Pamlico provides our company with strong financial and advisory resources with which to build upon our market leadership position.

Barry Tanner, CEO
Physicians Endoscopy, LLC

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