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The Healthcare industry is the largest sector of the overall U.S. economy and one that has been a key focus area for Pamlico since 1994. In the U.S., funding for healthcare is currently under significant pressure due to the projected considerable growth of healthcare spending and sources of reimbursement. Our system is evolving rapidly in the wake of ongoing reform implementation, as consumers become more involved in the decision making process regarding their own care, millions of individuals become covered by insurance for the first time, and as technology continues to make significant advancements.

Despite the uncertainty around the outcome of recent reform initiatives and likely continued pricing pressures across all payor categories, underlying demand and overall industry growth will continue to be fueled by the aging of the population, expanded insurance coverage, and the desire for more personalized care. We believe that this environment will create significant opportunities over the next decade for forward-thinking business models that are committed to improving the quality of patient care, augmenting the efficiency and visibility of the overall healthcare system, and lowering costs.

  • Representative subsectors of interest include:
  • Behavioral Health
  • Consumer-Driven Healthcare Models
  • End of Life Care
  • Healthcare Data Analytics & Information Technology
  • Specialty Pharmaceuticals
  • Specialty Providers
  • Wellness

Representative Deals

Many our most successful healthcare investments focus on improving patient care through the use of either increased technology adoption or unique outsourced services models

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