SEI Chosen For Forbes’ America’s Best Small Companies List

February 03, 2016

SEI, a leading provider of Third Party Maintenance (“TPM”) services for mission-critical data center infrastructure is being recognized for its business culture. One of just 25 companies in the United States listed as a “small giant” in the America’s Best Small Company list, SEI is proving once again why focusing on employees and culture sets it apart.

Bo Burlingham, the author of “Small Giants” and a Forbes contributor, provides more insight into what makes a company a small giant. “It’s what I refer to as mojo, the business equivalent of charisma. When a leader has charisma, you want to follow him or her. When a company has mojo, you want to be connected with it. You want to buy from it, sell to it, work for it.”

Forbes used the following selection criteria to create the list of 25:

   • The company has been acknowledged as outstanding by those who know the industry best.

   • It has had the opportunity to grow much faster, but its leaders decided to focus on being great rather than just big.

   • It has been recognized for its contributions to its community and to society.

   • It has maintained its financial health for at least 10 years by having a sound business model, a strong balance sheet, and steady profit margins.

   • It is privately owned and closely held.

   • It is human-scale, meaning frontline employees have real interaction with top leaders.

President and CEO Ron Alvesteffer said, “Being named to this list reflects our priorities as a service company. Our goals go beyond just growth. There’s always an emphasis on connecting with our customers and our employees for better outcomes.  The culture we share encourages our teams to drive the performance, innovation and collaboration that makes SEI such an exceptional company.”

Contact: Joshua Leatherman
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Service Express, Inc.

Service Express specializes in customized on-site data center maintenance for mainframe, midrange and Intel-based servers for IBM, Cisco, DEC, HP, Sun, and Dell, as well as EMC, STK, Hitachi and NetApp storage. Additional services include data center relocations, OS support, virtualization and hardware sales solutions. As of the publishing of this press release, SEI is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan with three Michigan locations along with multiple locations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

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