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How we partner with you

Based on our long history and consistent focus, we have deep pattern recognition around the challenges that management teams face when scaling a business. We help you realize exceptional results with capital, ideas and encouragement.

Our Philosophy
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    First, do no harm

    We invest in great companies and strive to preserve and protect what is working. We will be patient and collaborative as we help to grow your business.

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    Reward value creation

    We will fairly compensate management and recognize exceptional performance.

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    Be active in the right ways

    Our promise is to be involved and additive, but not run the company. We know our limitations and will seek to identify value-added ways to support your team.

  • 04

    Always look for unique solutions

    We don’t offer a single playbook. We approach situations with an open mind and ask hard questions so we can find the right approach for your business.

  • 05

    Be passionate and enjoy the journey

    Love what you do and have fun doing it. Embrace challenges and play to win.

Our Approach

We are committed to being trusted and valued partners to the people and companies that we work with each day. We have decades of experience in building great businesses and numerous resources to support you, but also the humility to know that we don’t come with all the answers.

What We Do

Collaborative Partnership

We do not have a prescriptive approach, but rather work with management at the Board level to tailor a company-specific growth plan. From strategic planning and M&A execution to assisting in team expansion, Pamlico strives to add value every step of the way.

How We Help

First and foremost, we provide talented leaders with support and understand they are the true value creators. The support comes from your Investment Team, our network of Senior Advisors, and the Pamlico Operations team and is calibrated based on your specific needs

Pamlico Investment Team

The Pamlico investment team manages the day-to-day relationship with management, provides board-level oversight, facilitates key org decisions and hiring, assists in M&A execution, and supports financial operations.

Senior Advisors

Senior Advisors contribute both deep industry and functional expertise, act as active board members, offer strategic planning guidance, and provide executive coaching and mentorship.

Pamlico Ops Team

The Pamlico Operations team leads initial Strategy Sessions, engages on execution of key initiatives, identifies and shares best practices, organizes and moderates cross-portfolio interactions, and manages third-party service providers across the portfolio.

We build market-defining companies.