About Us

Over twenty-five years investing in the lower middle market

We have considerable experience in building value within our portfolio companies through active ownership in partnership with management

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Founded in 1988, Pamlico’s investment professionals seek buyout and growth equity investments in lower middle market businesses with exceptional management teams. Operating out of Charlotte, NC, we have an experienced team of 19 investment professionals that currently manages approximately $2 billion of assets on behalf of a highly seasoned group of institutional investors, including some of the leading pension funds, insurance companies, fund of funds, and endowments.

Our leadership team has been with the firm since its inception in 1988 and all of our partners have been investing together for over twelve years. We believe there is no substitute for the proven experience that comes from successfully investing in hundreds of businesses through varying economic cycles. It is this experience that forms the backbone of our expertise and positions us to add significant value to every company and management team that we support.

Our team has a singular focus on and significant investing experience in three core industries: Business & Technology Services, Communications and Healthcare. Over the 25 years, Pamlico’s investment team has sourced and led hundreds of transactions in these core industries. Our deep understanding of these sectors has enabled us to be successful over time and to stay ahead of changing trends.

The Pamlico Name

Pamlico takes its name from the Pamlico Sound

This unique body of water is the transition point between several North Carolina rivers and the Atlantic Ocean and among the most productive natural habitats in the world

Like the estuary for which it is named, Pamlico Capital provides growing companies with the resources and advice they need to thrive in ever-changing conditions and expanding markets

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