About Us

Over twenty-five years investing in the lower middle market

To generate exceptional returns by providing value-added expertise and creative ideas to help growing companies reach their potential


Align ourselves with great people. Set clear goals and expectations and reward exceptional performance.


Approach situations with vision, passion and optimism. Bring creative solutions to tough issues. Challenge conventional thinking and push people to exceed their own expectations.


Know our limitations. Appreciate that there are two sides to every debate. Seek to give credit and accept responsibility.


Embrace the responsibility that our partners have placed in us. Be completely open and honest about good and bad news. Act with the utmost integrity.


Seek a healthy balance between family, work and community. Respect others’ desire to do the same.


David Gray

We are grateful for the leverage that Pamlico has provided to Daxko in each of our initiatives, and we are excited about the opportunities available to us through our partnership with them.

David Gray
President & CEO

David Wangler

They were straightforward and honest partners who encouraged us to make long term investments in the business.

David Wangler
President & CEO
TMW Systems, Inc.

Tee Green

We were attracted to the Pamlico team due to their initiative and their experience and proven ability to support high growth businesses in our industry of healthcare information technology.

Tee Green
Greenway Medical Technologies, Inc

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