About Us

Over twenty-five years investing in the lower middle market

We look to invest in dynamic middle market companies with compelling growth prospects

Growth Focus

Within our targeted industries, Pamlico first and foremost looks to partner with companies led by experienced management teams who possess a clear vision for the growth direction of their business. We typically target companies in large and fragmented markets where growth can be achieved both organically and through strategic acquisition initiatives. We also seek proven business models that are characterized by attractive margin profiles and the ability to generate meaningful free cash flow over time as the company scales.

A Willingness to Invest

Many of our businesses require significant investment in people, infrastructure, research and development, and other growth needs immediately after close. We are often the first institutional investor in these companies and are used to making the type of growth investments needed to help management take a business to the next level. While we are not turn-around investors, we understand that lower middle market companies often require the willingness to invest in the near-term to achieve your long-term objectives.

Investment Parameters

Size of Investment
$20 to $100 million of equity per investment

Pamlico Role
Majority or minority investments; often first time institutional capital

Transaction Types
Growth equity, buyouts, recapitalizations, and manager-led Search Companies

Typical Investment Period
Flexible; generally between 4 to 7 years

Board Representation
Required; active board participation

Company Characteristics

Size of Company
Annual revenues between $15 to $200 million

Target Industries
Business & technology services, communications and healthcare

North America

Company Profile
Industry leader, experienced management, strong growth potential

Market Profile
Large addressable market, high barriers to entry, acquisition opportunities

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