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Over twenty-five years investing in the lower middle market

We provide each of our portfolio company managers with strategic guidance, insights and resources, as well as the opportunity to share in the value they create over time

A Shared Strategic Vision

We invest with management teams that are passionate about their business and have a strategic vision for how to maximize its potential. We spend considerable time helping management refine and expand the strategies required to achieve their vision. These efforts and our ability to identify and partner with talented managers have served as the foundation of our success.

Value-Added Support & Industry Insights

Pamlico works closely with management to accelerate growth and drive value creation. We provide management with the capital, strategic advice,
 acquisition/financing support, industry expertise, and other resources necessary to help build shareholder value. We maintain a robust network of industry-specific and value-added professionals, who can aid in executing organic and M&A-based growth initiatives.

Active Ownership Without Interference

While serving as active board members and proactively supporting each of our management teams, we do not look to interfere in the day-to-day operations of our portfolio companies. We recognize that every business and team is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. We look for ways to work with our partners when and where they need help the most.

Rewarding Value Creation

In addition to constructing a competitive current compensation package, Pamlico offers management teams a significant equity-based compensation program that provides meaningful economic rewards as value is created. This structure most appropriately aligns incentives over time and provides management with the ability to truly benefit from their efforts.

We are committed to being trusted and valued partners to the people and companies that we work with every day to drive our business

Portfolio Company Managers

Portfolio Company Managers

The core of what we do is identifying and investing behind talented managers. Our approach is to be a true partner, not just a capital provider. We work collaboratively with management, providing resources and insights to help them refine their visions, set clear growth strategies, and overcome their challenges.

Industry Partners

Industry Partners

We focus exclusively on three industries within which we have developed a network of leading executives, intermediaries, lenders and consultants that we interact with daily in looking to find great investments. We are always seeking to expand this network and to maintain strong relationships with our partners.



We maintain a diverse group of limited partners that include some of the most respected institutional investors, endowments, pension funds, insurance companies, and fund of funds. We appreciate their trust in us and are committed to fair governance, transparency in results, and mutual alignment of interests.

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