Sector Focus

We partner with industry-leading companies that have unique visions for building successful businesses

We believe industry focus is an important component of our investment strategy and an asset to the management teams with whom we partner

Focus on Dynamic Industries

Over our history, we have remained committed to investing in three core industries – Business & Technology Services, Communications and Healthcare. Each of these industries is dynamic and driven by rapid innovation, and over the past two decades we have seen unprecedented change within each. Our team's deep sector knowledge has kept us in front of these changes and has positioned us to respond quickly and creatively to new trends and challenges. While our focus on these sectors will not change, we are continually identifying new sub-sectors and themes to pursue.

Ability to Add Tangible Value

Our team's extensive knowledge of our target sectors allows us to efficiently analyze and understand businesses. This facilitates a smooth diligence process and provides a high degree of confidence in a successful outcome. More importantly, once an investment is made, our knowledge of industry trends and growth drivers positions us to be more effective partners for management. We can draw upon deep industry relationships and experiences to help support a company's growth initiatives and strategic objectives.

Our core industries are dynamic and driven by rapid innovation

Business & Technology

Business & Technology Services

Within the context of the continuing shift towards a service-based economy, we target specialized industry niches where outsourced services providers and technology-enabled business models are disrupting historical ways of doing business.



The traditional communications landscape is evolving dramatically with the rapid growth of the Internet, increasing acceptance of cloud-based services and rising penetration of wireless devices, affording numerous investment opportunities for experienced investors.



We believe that the key to successful investing in healthcare is to seek out companies that improve outcomes for patients, reduce the cost of caregiving, and enable consumers to play a greater role in the decision making process around their care.  

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