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Within the broad market of business and technology services, we seek to identify niche sub-sectors with attractive characteristics

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Pamlico has actively targeted the Business & Technology Services sector throughout its history, making our first investment in this industry in 1989. Within this broadly- defined market, we seek to identify niche sub-sectors with strong recurring revenue, growing end-markets, opportunities to leverage technology, and significant barriers to entry. Target sectors are often characterized by emerging shifts to value-added outsourced business models and opportunities to enhance service offerings through the use of technology and automation.

Going forward, we believe that numerous investment opportunities will exist within this market, as the U.S. continues its shift towards a service-based economy and as market participants look to remain competitive in the face of ever-increasing technology and regulatory requirements. Our efforts will continue to focus on identifying the outsourced services providers, technology enabled business models, and application software businesses capable of thriving in these changing conditions.

  • Representative subsectors of interest include:
  • Application & Niche Vertical Software
  • Business Process Outsourcers
  • Commercial & Industrial Services
  • Education & Training
  • Hosted Applications
  • Internet Services
  • IT Services
  • Logistics & Specialty Distribution
  • Online Marketing
  • Physical & Network Security

Representative Deals

Our Business & Technology Services portfolio is comprised of niche industry specialists who offer unique customer solutions, typically enabled by technology.

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