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We look to invest in infrastructure-related companies benefitting from the significant growth in communications traffic and rapidly changing landscape of the Communications industry

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Pamlico Capital has been focused on the Communications sector since 1991 and possesses significant experience investing in a number of sub-segments, including business information services, Internet infrastructure, media, and wired/wireless telecommunications. Many of our investments have included telecommunications infrastructure assets that were overlooked or undervalued at the time of our original acquisition, but benefitted from increasing bandwidth demand and/or scarcity value over the life of the investment.

The rapid growth of the Internet and related online services, new communications protocols, the proliferation of cloud and hosted/managed solutions, and the adoption of wireless devices are dramatically changing the landscape for many of the businesses that we target. Within our Communications vertical, we will continue to invest in infrastructure-related companies that are positioned to benefit most directly from these changes and with managers who can stay ahead of these rapidly developing trends.

  • Representative subsectors of interest include:
  • B2B Media/Databases
  • Cable / Broadband
  • Communications Infrastructure / Metro Fiber Networks
  • Datacenters / Collocation
  • Hosted & Cloud Services
  • Machine-to-Machine Communication

Representative Deals

We have been most successful in the Communications sector when we can combine unique infrastructure assets with exceptional management teams

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